Published on December 3rd, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Stylish Score Attack Dodger Spirit Rush Swoops Onto Android

In the wake of its release on iOS last month the zen-like arcade physics dodge ’em up Spirit Rush has soared onto Google Play for us Android users to enjoy. This visually appealing one button score attack game from Major Magnet developer PagodaWest Games challenges players with riding atop a friendly dragon Neverending Story style as they swoop about the vista collecting boosts and ensnaring enemies in deadly rotating circles of doom. At times feeling like a cross between Nights Into Dreams and Geometry Wars with a little bit of Yoshi’s Island thrown in, Spirit Rush is an interesting game both aesthetically and mechanically.


In order to fly about the level on their snake-like dragon players must tap anywhere on the screen to cause the dragon to fly in the opposite of the direction they are currently auto-circling in. By quickly tapping and releasing players can maneuver towards boost rings that give them extra velocity and allow them to ferociously ram enemies before they flood the screen. Taking a hit separates players from their dragon Yoshi’s Island style and they only have a limited timer of 10 seconds to get back on with the timer never refilling. As players get further and further they’ll attain points that can be used to unlock new skins and flair for their dragon friend so they can ride in style. Fans of score attack and intuitive physics games will want to give Spirit Rush a whirl.

Spirit Rush is free to download on Google Play. It’s also available on iOS.


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