Published on December 8th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Retro RPG Runner Wind-Up Warrior Strolls Onto Android

An interesting new one-handed hybrid of RPG and runner chock full of sidescrolling retro action dubbed Wind-Up Warrior has ventured forth onto Android. This nostalgic action RPG from indie developer Joyforge puts players in charge of a mechanical hero who they must maintain and command so he can defeat oodles of pixel monsters in order to save the world. At once both simple and surprisingly in-depth, Wind-Up Warrior is a retro role playing romp well tuned for touch and go mobile gameplay.


A basic rogue-lite structure sees players sending out their clockwork knight on run after run as he gains the experience and equipment needed to reach the end-game areas. After first outfitting their knight with customizable equipment at the blacksmith players then send him on his way while occasionally stopping to rewind his crank and giving commands in battle to adopt different stances. Knowing when to have one’s knight in attacking or defensive mode is key to victory in combat as any damage taken when not in a guarded posture is greatly increased. Leveling up allows players to choose where they wish to allocate stat points and better increase their chances of surviving against the fearsome level ending bosses. RPG fans looking for something easy to get into will get a kick out of Wind-Up Warrior.

Wind-Up Warrior is free to download on Google Play.


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