Published on January 26th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Stylish Retro Puzzler imprint-X Slides Onto Android

An imaginative new puzzle game with boisterous retro graphics and a novel approach to the genre by the name of imprint-X has made landfall on Android. This thematic adventure puzzler from indie developer Morgondag features a surprisingly heavy backstory that starts with a trippy opening cutscene involving outer space, nano-robot parasites, and clones that can hack into peoples minds. As one of these clones it’s up to players to dive into infected brains and defeat the nano-robots on their own turf by solving a variety of challenging logic puzzles set against atmospheric outer space backdrops.


While its heady plot helps to give it a distinct personality from its peers in the puzzle genre the real core of imprint-X is its excellently crafted puzzles that involve pressing a lot of buttons in the correct order. That would ordinarily get old quickly, but imprint-X builds upon this and other basic premises in continually surprising ways with clever level design that will leave you scratching your head. Different puzzle types help to change things up every now and then such as timing based levels where players must rely on their reflexes rather than their wits. With its high production quality and imaginative design imprint-X is sure to be a breath of fresh air to puzzler aficionados.

imprint-X is available for $2.99 on Android and iOS. It’s also available on PC.


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