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Classic Android Game Remake Hyperlight EX Hits Google Play

The classic Android arcade game Hyperlight has gotten a dazzling HD remake called Hyperlight EX that has come home to roost on its original platform after launching on the 3DS last December. Created by indie developer CatfishBlues Games, Hyperlight EX is a fantastic anti-shooter in the vein of games like Geometry Wars that eschews the typical twin-stick shooter setup for an interesting melee-esque approach that sees players ramming into enemy ships at high speed rather than blasting them into pieces though that is an option from time to time. In this pulse pounding neon light show it’s up to players to destroy wave after wave of alien fighters through the clever implementation of FTL fender benders.


As players fly their ship around the screen using either a virtual analog pad or a physical controller enemy ships of all kinds will spawn that must be avoided if not in FTL mode. This invincible ability allows players to rocket across the play area at high speed while dealing damage to any enemies caught in the path. FTL fuel is limited however and must be conserved until more can be obtained from pickups that drop across the map. In addition to their ramming abilities players can also collect and activate a wide variety of power ups and allied ships to provide increased firepower which they’ll need when going up against Hyperlight EX’s crazy bosses. Fans of games like Geometry Wars will have a blast with Hyperlight EX.

Hyperlight EX is available at a discounted launch price of $2.99 on Google Play. You can also pick it up on 3DS.

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