Published on January 31st, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Tycoon Shoot ‘Em Up Gunman Taco Truck Rolls Onto Android

A clever new genre melding shooter about serving up tacos in a post-apocalyptic wasteland by the name of Gunman Taco Truck has arrived on Android. This wacky cross between business tycoon simulator and arcade shoot ’em up comes from the mind of Doom creator John Romero’s son Donovan and does an impressive job of extrapolating its great premise into a mechanically sound formula. Players are tasked with driving a mobile taco stand through the barren wastes while blasting away any mutants that get in the way then serving their remains up to customers in the next town over.


Gameplay alternates between business management sim sections reminiscent of classics like Dino Tycoon and fast paced arcade shoot out sections where players need to tap like crazy on anything that moves in order to keep their taco truck from being destroyed. These two game types blend together rather well as in order to make tacos in the truck stand side of things players must ensure they collect the corresponding ingredients when out and about and being attacked by mutated creatures. With its terrific atmosphere and intriguing gameplay Gunman Taco Truck is a total blast.

Gunman Taco Truck is free to download on Google Play. You can also pick it up on PC.


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