Published on February 1st, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Character Driven Brawler Dash Titans Arrives On Android

A charming new arcade brawler filled with zany characters and intense swipe-centric fighting by the name of Dash Titans has made its way onto Android. Created by indie developer Vyber, Dash Titans is a retro themed fighter in the vein of Dojo Of Death that challenges players with defeating an endless army of medieval warriors by taking them out one dash at a time. With a huge amount of characters to unlock and fighting styles to master Dash Titans offers fast paced pick up and play gameplay with a lot of replayablity.


Players simply swipe on the screen to have their character dash in that direction which can be used to either defeat enemies or knock their projectiles out of the air. However as players level up they’ll unlock new characters that come with their own dashing abilities like a penguin with a bazooka or a miniature tornado. In order to survive the pixelated onslaught players must learn to anticipate their enemies moves by evading dashes from sword wielding knights and shutting down archers before they get the chance to fire. With its intense arcade combat and army of unlockable characters Dash Titans makes for a great on the go brawler.

Dash Titans is free to download on Android and PC.


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