Published on February 6th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Zany Horror Shooter Undead Hunter Rises Onto Android

A novel new run and gun style platformer with an intriguing approach to 2D survival arena combat called Undead Hunter has arrived on Android devices. Created by indie developer Gameplay Ltd, Undead Hunter is a combination platformer / shoot ’em up where players do battle with bizarre monsters using a modified hookshot alongside the tried and true butt stomp technique. It’s up to players to fight their way through a gauntlet of deviously designed levels filled to the brim with deadly enemies in order to save their kidnapped sibling from becoming a snack for a giant spider.


Players run around each stage by way of a virtual controller with jump and attack buttons. When playing as the default character players are able to shoot out a single hookshot style chain at a time which can be used as a traditional projectile attack or as an impromptu trap against nearby monsters. As enemies attack players from all sides players will need to leap over ground level opponents then slam back down into them Mario style while simultaneously managing any aerial threats that are sure to be looming above. Fortunately when the going gets tough players can sometimes find power ups scattered about each level that give a temporary boost in firepower such as a stack of bombs or just a good old fashioned pistol. A humorous storyline and great graphics help to give Undead Hunter a well rounded feeling. Shooter aficionados will appreciate Undead Hunter’s unique take on the genre.

Undead Hunter is free to download on Android and Windows Phone. It has also officially passed Steam Greenlight and will be coming to PC soon.


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