Published on February 11th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Arcadey Physics Faller Sheepy Hollow Tumbles Onto Android

A wacky new free falling physics romp about skydiving fauna by the name of Sheepy Hollow has trotted onto Android. Released by indie developer Hidden Layer Games, Sheepy Hollow is a great looking pick up and play arcade game that challenges players with keeping one of their flock from harm by bouncing them around in the air so they don’t come in contact with the surrounding spiky scenery. As their woolly friend plummets down a seemingly endless chasm it’s up to players to quickly move them out of the way of rapidly approaching platforms while grabbing as many coins as they can.


Players keep their sheep aloft by tapping on the screen before it hits the bottom but must take care that they not overcompensate and smack into the ceiling in the process. Either side of the screen will flash to indicate oncoming obstacles that players must rapidly swipe their character away from in order to smash them against the opposing wall which can be a little gruesome but is better than the alternative. There are cartoonish blood and violent effects that can be disabled if desired. As players break records, collect coins, and level up they’ll be able to unlock cool new characters and outfits for an added bit of replayability. Fans of addicting pick up and play arcade games will want to check out Sheepy Hollow.

Sheepy Hollow is free to download on Google Play.

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