Published on February 16th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Break Bread With New Arcade Physics Puzzler Toaster Swipe

From the veteran indie developer behind such hits as Bunny Goes Boom and Iron Snout comes a new swipe based puzzle runner about high flying bread called Toaster Swipe. This adorable physics flinger from developer SnoutUp combines fast paced arcade style action with thoughtful puzzle oriented level design that will see how well players are able to think on the fly. As an anthropomorphic toaster eager to gobble up as many carbs as possible players must rapidly propel themselves through the air using well aimed swipes while taking care to avoid any unsavory encounters with giant spiky donuts or killer cutlery.


In addition to an endless mode that challenges players with toasting their way upwards as long as possible there is also a core campaign mode which sees players attempting to reach target loaves in more traditional level style settings. These standalone levels are more purposeful in their design and require both quick reflexes and a strategic approach to overcome. A robust level editor allows players to create their own levels that can be shared with friends for added replayability. This breakfast themed physics romp is sure to be a treat for puzzle fans that like to think on their feet.

Toaster Swipe is free to download on Google Play.

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