Published on February 17th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Macabre Rube Goldberg Machine Sim Happy Room Hits Mobile

Having already made waves on PC with its violently over the top physics simulator gameplay the Rube Goldberg Machine style puzzler Happy Room has now made its way onto mobile with the release of Happy Room on iOS and the decidedly less R-rated Happy Room: Robo on Android. In a strange case of Google Play seemingly being more censorious than the App Store the Android version of Happy Room switches out the use of fleshy clones as experiment fodder in favor of less gory robot alternatives but otherwise retains all the open ended damage dealing mechanics found in its PC cousin. As a mad scientist testing out a vast array of gruesome traps and deadly weaponry it’s up to players to devise ever more devious contraptions that will put their experiment subjects through the ringer.


Like a sadistic spin on The Incredible Machine players must place a variety of complementing contraptions around the test area so they all work in concert to deal as much damage as possible. While things start out small at first with landmines and spike traps as players increase their score they’ll unlock even crazier implementations of destruction like piranhas and nukes. With its open ended gameplay Happy Room makes for a really creative game as players try to think up crazier and crazier designs. Puzzler aficionados looking for something unique will get a kick out of Happy Room.

Happy Room: Robo is free to download on Google Play. You can also pick up the standard version on iOS and PC.


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