Published on February 24th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Gradius Inspired Shooter Titan Galaxies Zooms Onto Android

Following in the footsteps of shoot ’em up legends like Gradius comes a neat new tough as nails bullet hell romp dubbed Titan Galaxies. This arcade-esque retro shooter from developer SilverSprings Online puts players in the pilot’s seat as they blast their way through an armada of strangely menacing enemies across an array of exotic planets filled with danger and giant heads. In order to become a proper space ace players will need to hone their reflexes and dodge a hail of laser fire before taking down crazy bosses waiting at the end of each level.


Players move around the screen using relative touch controls that work well while their ship auto-fires at oncoming threats. Defeated enemies will drop a bunch of different weapons and power ups that players will need to grab at every opportunity if they want to survive due to a fairly high difficulty ceiling and limited shielding options. Between missions players can use accumulated scrap to boost their ship’s specs and give them an extra edge the next time they go into battle. Shoot ’em up fans will have a blast with Titan Galaxies’ Gradius inspired action.

Titan Galaxies is free to download on Android and Windows Phone.


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