Published on March 13th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Survive Bullet Hell In New Retro Inspired Shooter Moon Striker

Following the release of its stellar arcade style shooter Image Striker last year indie developer Terarin Games is back with a stylish spiritual successor called Moon Striker. With its classic fast paced bullet hell gameplay and nostalgic NES esque presentation this homage to old school shooters puts players in the pilot seat of a futuristic fighter craft as they turn their foes into pixelated dust using a powerful laser lock-on system and superior maneuverability. As they blast their way through Moon Striker’s varied locales players will be able to collect power ups to enhance their arsenal which is critical to survival considering the authentic but no less daunting one-hit death mechanic that’s become a staple of many bullet hell shooters. Shoot ’em up fans will appreciate Moon Striker’s challenging gameplay mechanics and old school approach.


Moon Striker is available for a dollar on Android and PC.

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