Published on March 14th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Save The Galaxy In New 16-Bit Mascot Platformer Juiced

An awesome new retro platformer done up in the style of classic 16-bit era mascot adventure games called Juiced has arrived on Android devices. Created by developer IBB Games, Juiced is an impressively well polished platformer that evokes games like Commander Keen and Castle Of Illusion in both visual fidelity and attention to detail with the immense amount of personality that’s been poured into each level. It’s up to players to thwart the plans of an evil galactic tyrant by collecting all the missing pieces of a sacred relic before he can bring his master plan to fruition. Great level, enemy, and mechanical design make downloading this free platformer a no-brainer for enthusiasts of the genre.


Juiced is free to download on Android and PC.

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