Published on April 19th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Explore A Forgotten World In Somber New Platformer Sweven

Following in the footsteps of moody black & white platformers like Limbo comes an atmospheric new sidescrolling adventure about a brave young rabbit trying to survive a foreboding world full of peril dubbed Sweven. The brainchild of indie developer CG Interactive, Sweven is a story driven platformer with stylish graphics and light puzzle solving that will take players on an emotionally resonant journey centered around awe and loss. It’s up to players to help this fearless bunny make his way back to his family by outwitting gigantic tigers, surfing on the backs of sea giants, and using physics to clear the way past insurmountable obstacles. By melding together its vibrant art style with thematic level design Sweven succeeds in setting itself apart from the many games that have tried to fill Limbo’s shoes.


Sweven is available for $1.99 on Android and iOS.

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