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Fury Turn Review

Swipe your way through the addictive new turn-based puzzle shooter Fury Turn!

In Fury Turn your ultimate goal is to save scientists from being eaten by evil radioactive soda monsters, as you play through the campaign’s 23 currently available levels one turn at a time (more levels are in development and there is a daily challenge mode too).

With plenty of characters to unlock and two different control mechanics, Fury Turn provides a great gameplay experience overall, and its mix between a typical turn-based shooter and puzzle elements is what makes the game truly unique.

Watch the video below for a full discussion and commentary on Fury Turn.


As for monetization, you will encounter the occasional skippable video advertisement in Fury Turn, but if you like the game, you can luckily unlock the entire game for just a few bucks to avoid any ads and at the same time unlock all checkpoints throughout the levels.

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Fury Turn Review NimbleThor


Summary: Fury Turn provides a unique and addictive experience that really stands out in the mobile games scene, although the game is rather short.



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