Published on April 20th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Sidescrolling Stealth Puzzler Silent World Sneaks Onto Android

A gloomy new 2D stealth game about surviving a post-apocalyptic landscape by solving puzzles and avoiding monsters called Silent World has made its way onto Android devices. Released by developer GniFrix, Silent World puts players in the shaky boots of a sidescrolling survivalist as he braves shadowy levels covered in darkness with nothing but a few matches to light the way. In order to make it to the exit alive he’ll have to manipulate the environment to remove whatever obstacles are in his way without getting caught by one of the many shambling mutant ghouls that now dot the landscape. If worst comes to worst and players find themselves in a footrace with one of these creatures they can always retreat into the safety of their hat to create a brief window for escape. Nice art and interesting puzzle mechanics give this stealthy sidescroller it’s own personality.


Silent World is available for $2.49 on Google Play alongside a free version that contains the first chapter of the game.

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