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Ever Knight Review

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Fitting a full hack ‘n slash rpg experience into the minute time constraints presented by mobile devices can be a tricky proposition but indie developer Foolish Mortal Studios has managed to do just that with their new rapid fire dungeon crawler Ever Knight. This pick up and play arcade rpg combines the twitchy swipe based movement of games like Crossy Road with chaotic Dynasty Warriors esque combat as players are tasked with mowing down an everlasting horde of evil soldiers relentlessly marching towards the bottom of screen. In order to defeat an enemy all players need do is swipe into the square they’re occupying but this quickly becomes easier said than done due to a wide variety of different opponents like pikemen and archers that have their own attack patterns to deal with. For example, rather than charge headlong into a spear wielding skeleton players will instead want to sidestep their foe then counterattack from an adjoining square to deliver a killing blow.


Projectile firing enemies, beefy shield bearers, stampeding hell beasts and more all descend onto players in a cacophony of lightning fast mayhem that requires both skill and instantaneous strategy to survive. While death usually comes quickly players will gradually open up the game more and more as they begin to recognize enemy patterns and unlock powerful new equipment to augment their play style. Although they start out with a humble sword players can quickly gain cool new weapons and armor to give them an edge in combat like a giant scythe for crowd control or magic armor that grants helpful buffs. Alongside gold coins enemies also drop a variety of different single use power ups like an energy barrier that grants limited invulnerability and giant screen clearing laser beams.

An endearing art design is woven smartly into the gameplay as different enemy types share from a slate of color palettes which can make determining the make up of an oncoming wave difficult when the swordsmen and pikemen are sporting the same color scheme. A catchy rock style soundtrack accompanies the experience. At $.99 Ever Knight is a great traditionally priced hack ‘n slash free from the micro-transactions that so often mar its peers.

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Ever Knight Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Hack 'n slash fans looking for a cerebral arcade experience with a lot of replayability will have a blast with Ever Knight.



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