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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #77

There are tons of new indie Android games being released all the time, so much so that it can be tough to give them all the individual attention they deserve. In light of that every Friday we like to compile a visual guide of the newest indie games that have recently flown in under the radar for some bonus weekend gaming. Here are 61 new indie Android games from the past week or so that you might have missed in no particular order.

Infinity Arena from Nik Slonov

“Infinity arena is a classic arcade platformer in which the player has to fight off countless waves of enemies. Do you remember the games for the good old NES? Or maybe you preferred Sega? In any case, if now your eyes are burning, and your face is blurred with a big smile, the Infinity arena is exactly what you need!”

Drant from Tentakel Aerobic

“A small dragon was swallowed by a huge stone golem. Can you help him to break out? What will happen next? Find out in Drant! In this challenging indie action game you have to fly through different levels without touching anything. The goal is to set records, collect coins to unlock new characters and discover many secrets. Follow the dragon’s journey through short videos in between the different worlds.”

Bill Ball Boll from Pastille AB

“BillBallBoll is our interpretation of the classical game Tic-tac-toe. Play on all the nine boards where every small win gets you closer to the Big Win.”

Fish & Trip from Bloop Games

“You’re not alone in the ocean! Gather some colorful friends & try to survive in this dangerous world. Grow your group of fish, collect eggs & discover new species including the famous catfish!”

LLAB from Deep Ak

“LLAB is a smart and challenging puzzle game based on angles and timing. You cannot exceed the total bounces mentioned in each level. No score and no timer, just you and your imagination.”

Yesterday! from Youzu Stars

“How many steps do I need to meet you and not to miss you? Yesterday! is a 3D Puzzle Game about the philosophy of love and encounter. Space is independent, time is irreversible. The encounter in life, however, is so amazing that it makes everything colorful. Yesterday! is not about a story of one couple, it tells story of every couple.”

Racey Rocket (Beta) from Salmon Pirate

“Racey Rocket is a high-speed racer where players boost, slide, and bounce their way around challenging tracks for the best time. Use ultra-satisfying controls to guide a speeding spacecraft through tight circuits and battle for the fastest times in the world.”

Mutant Duck Invasion from Primordial Echo

“Use the awesome power of fireworks cannons to stop the invasion of MUTANT DUCKS! These aren’t your average angry birds, but furious, mutated ducks, hellbent on invading and destroying your city! Save your city by shooting a range of offensive fireworks including: EXPLOSIVE, SNOWBALL, FIREBALLS, LASER and the dreaded BUBBLE GUM FIREWORKS! Plus 1 amazing, unlockable firework type which is sure to have you PURRING with delight!”

Seabug Stampede from Potato Bug Games

“Go for the high score in this simple to play (but hard to master) seafloor arcade game. Tap the wiggly crustaceans as they scuttle up the screen. Enjoy the bouncy musical beat and bonk a rainbow of wiggly lobsters. “

Pixel Trip from Free Dominion Studios

“The fast paced adrenaline pumping color tile matching game! All you have to do is match a single set of 4 colored tiles on a grid as quickly as you can! Try Grid Attack where the complexity grows as each grid gets larger, try Survival where you travel to each grid with a quick zoom, and finally play Time Attack where you have to race against yourself! Post your High Scores and challenge your friends to beat it!”

Résonance from Little Bell Games

“Test you skill in this reflexion game, where speed may be useful. Lead the box to the orbs by changing the arrows orientations! But don’t overthink: you only have 10seconds before box starts moving. Face all 100 levels of Résonance, and if it’s not enough for you, then, try the hard mode!”

Ole Torero! from Retroincorrecto

“Olé, Torero! It would be another of those free retro arcade games for your mobile, but in this case we wanted to take the concept “retro” to all levels and “make Spain great again”. Can you imagine a subject more retro, vintage and classic than Spanish bullfighting?”

VOI from

“Do you think 1 + 1 = 0 is correct? So what do you think about “black + black = white” statement? VOI is a relaxing minimal puzzle game based on XOR logic.”

Last Boss Defender from Cybergate Technology

“Hi there! I am the Last Boss of this game! I know you guys hate going through long and boring stages before seeing me. So this time, you are going to face me as soon as you start this game!”

Perfect Align from CouchCompetitive

“Challenge your friends with Perfect Align, a fast-paced indie reaction game. Tap the screen when the two objects align perfectly. It is easy to learn, but hard to master! Share your perfect scores and achievements online using Google Play Games and compete with your friends for the daily and all-time highscore ranking.”

Time Quest: Heroes of History from Doppler Hat Games

“Time Quest: Heroes of History is a free mobile game that gives you the power to rewrite the past with your very own squad of historical figures! Choose your strategy and engage in epic guild combat for control of space & time!”

Swiper from Mobyte Studios

“Swiper is a game to find asked figure with sliding dots. You should get the right order with sliding the dots and figures to the right, left, up and down. Hundreds of different levels and figures from each other are waiting for you. You will like this game so much because of its easy playability and enjoyable stages.”

Flick Heroes from Storm Giant Studios

“Climb the tower and battle the hordes in this exciting new RPG. Flick Heroes features fun and fast combat. Simply flick and unleash mayhem! Collect and level new characters. Can you get them to the top?”

Stardive from SKOL Studios

“A fun free addicting multi-level reaction based game that requires quick reflexes for success. This game isn’t easy, and that’s the point, it’ll be a hard challenge just to get past level one. Unlock more challenging levels by collecting stars. Jump from side to side to stay alive and beat the levels.”

Crab & Fish from Evgeny Prozorov

“Crab and Fish are friends. But Fish is always in trouble! Luckily, Crab has very strong claws. Help him reach the Fish. Go, fish rescuers!”

Kill ’em All from No Six Five

“In a world torn apart by violence and blind rage, you participate in a tournament to death against a horde of mythical creatures. Shoot fast and your deeds will echo throughout history. Be just a little slower and hear the chilling gong of Death himself.”

Captain Galaxy from G2 Studio

“Retro space shooter has never looked this good! Captain Galaxy – 8 Bit Shooter is an instant-classic 8 bit space shooter that will leave you in total awe. Be warned: Captain Galaxy’s fantastic gameplay coupled with that old-but-gold graphic will seize your total attention for a very long time.”

Finding Lenny from tallum

“Your friend Lenny is trapped in the mine, do you have what it takes to save him? Navigate the dark tunnels to find him, but be carefull not to hit any obstacles on your way down. Use your reflexes to dodge the incoming debrie with the left right buttons, collect highest scores, compete with friends!”

Mom!!Kiddo!! from niccoicchi

“Swipe to move the child and mother, when a child and a mother move to the same tile, we meet again. Play and have fun!”

Lunar Laser from PJamaLabs

“Tap to push you through space. Avoid all lasers and obstacles and collect as many stars as you can.
– Simple tap input mechanism.
– Leaderboards to compare scores with friends and family.
– Endless gameplay to keep you busy for hours.
– Cool music and sounds.”

Sorcerer’s Ring – Magic Duels from FRAG Games

“Immerse yourself into a mystical world of monsters and mages! Embark on an quest to save the greatest and holiest of relics: The Sorcerer’s Ring. The mightiest wizards of the Arcanum fell trying to protect the Sorcerer’s Ring from Primus Nex. Whoever he is, whatever the source of his terrifying power, he now holds the balance of the world in his hands. You must take it from him. “

GNOP from JManoclay

“GNOP is a two player arena game! Hold in your zone to CHARGE your shots! Release to fire at the paddle. Hit the paddle into the opponents zone to score a goal!”

Boxman Tap Dash from 10 Years Games

“★ Simple addictive timing game. ★
★ Try the new record right now! “★
★ Collecting 3 stars is never easy. ★”

Chicken Attack: Takeo’s Call from Super Happy Fun Time

“THE OFFICIAL CHICKEN ATTACK GAME! With the power of nature you’re never alone… Amass your army of formidable fowls! Defend the honor of Takeo Ishi and protect innocent people. Unleash your chicken warriors and kick ninja butt!”

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars 3D from MEDL Mobile Enterprises

“SAY HELLO TO BOXHEAD 3D. The newest proud member of the Boxhead legacy, this zombie survival shooter delivers a firehose blast of fast-paced action, gritty immersive 3-D graphics, pulse-pounding gameplay, and several never-before-seen heroes and baddies.”

Heaven Harvest from Clickmation

“Press anywhere on the screen to aim. Press again to shoot a stream of RAIN. Timing is important as every crop needs a certain amount of water. Never too little, never too much!!”

Impossible Orbit from Half Moon Programming

“Try and get a high score by managing many different orbits at different speeds, but don’t let the objects orbiting collide! Download today and enjoy hours of gameplay with many different game modes and fantastic, yet simplistic themes.”

Orangutan Rescue from Algol Holdings

“Be a superhero—rescue real Orangutans by rescuing them in our game! 20% of proceeds go to The Orangutan Project founded in Perth, Australia with their most important work in the rainforests of Indonesia. Meet Alia and Arjun, twins from Borneo. As toddlers on a holiday trip, they wandered off to explore when their parents weren’t looking. Mama and Papa searched for days but couldn’t
find them, and all were utterly heartbroken.”

Speedybox from Lovatto Studio

“Is your life very calm? Do you want to test your reflexes and your patience? Get ready, because this game will get you crazy. Simple, but very dizzying and difficult. The mission is “simple”: It advances without crashing, collecting in the way the orange cubes. How far will you get before the rage quit in this action game crafted for the hardcore audience?”

Really Bad Chess from Noodlecake Studios

“Really Bad Chess is just like chess, but with totally random pieces. Try 8 Knights, 4 Bishops, and 3 pawns — why not?”

Oliway: Labyrinths from Tweeman’s Games

“Oliway is simple, but very exciting arcade! Operate the movement of Oli-ball passing through numerous locations of game: Cube World, Tic-tac-toe (route in the form famous game), Crater (route in the middle of Volcano) and much more! Every new level is harder than the previous one, but over time your skills level up! Go to the difficult and complicated labyrinths, until you get to the finish line of each level! “

Penguin Peril from JamesBurnsUK

“Tilt your device from side to side to turn Skee to avoid obstacles and collect the powerups (snowmen). Be careful though, not all the snowmen are good! Customize Skee in the store by spending your snowflakes! Try out the challenge maps to practice the ice bridge, moguls or the tunnel!”

Fare Refusal from Side Quest

“You are the BOSS on the road, ignore all the traffic rules here! Feel free to refuse fare, destroy other cars or even create a big traffic jam at anytime! Get this game and rule the road now!”

Dropsums from Ben Garrett

“Dropsums is a mathematical puzzle game which exercises your grey matter, great for keeping the brain cells sharp. The game is also designed to benefit 7 to 11 year-olds (2nd grade to 5th grade in the U.S., Key Stage 2 in the U.K.) by supporting learning about mathematical expressions, the order of mathematical operations (as embodied in the BODMAS acronym), and simple algebra. The “times table” game mode provides a fun way to practice their tables.”

Tilelands from Dansyron Games

“Welcome to the Tilelands. Start with a single Island Tile and tap it to create new islands around it, or destroy islands that already exist. Use this technique to solve infinitely generated puzzles with five difficulties, earning medals on your performance. Tilelands is a relaxing visual-puzzler to help you unwind after a hard day or to challenge yourself with complex procedural puzzles.”

Beholder from Creative Mobile

“The State has appointed you to SPY ON YOUR TENANTS!. You must BUG their apartments while they’re away, SEARCH their belongings for whatever can threaten the authority of the State, and PROFILE them for your superiors. You must also REPORT anyone capable of violating the laws or plotting subversive activities against the State to the authorities.”

Waikiki The Game from Hop-e Equipe

“The life on Waikiki island is upset and all its inhabitants have fallen into an eternal sleep! Help Wako to solve the puzzles that will lead him to awaken his family! Will you be the Hero of our story? Play over 100 levels to find out!”

Teleport Cube from One Man Productions

“Teleport Cube is a platformer game made by a single person, me. The game itself is challenging, hard, maybe even frustrating but when you pass difficult level, you might find feelings of pleasure and excitement. That’s pretty much it, you have to play and see it for yourself..I got two words for you, Good luck!”

The Astro from BZNZ International

“The Astro is a simple and addictive game where the goal is to fly as high as possible with your astronaut while avoiding asteroids to rack up as much score as possible. “

Grow Stone Online from SUPERCAT

“Welcome to Grow Stone Online, a MORPG to find the legendary stone! Play and Grow stone with multiplayers in real time! Imagine what if stone combined!”

Line Cosmo from CaimVell

“Make a planet Cosmo who got lost in the space go back home! Draw lines with your finger! You can make the way by touching it. Control the gravity by tapping the screen. Experience a variety of stages with Cosmo. Get many stellas and make the best record in the leaderboard!”

Ninja Lover from Kahve Stüdyoları

“Are you ready for an action-packed adventure? Destroy all the bad guys and save the girl from their hand.
– Features of Ninja Lover –
★ One touch control!
★ Combo system
★ Slow motion movements
★ Fun filled 22 different episodes
★ 6 different playable characters”

Ya Herd? from Wych Way Studios

“Have you heard about Ya Herd? A charming top-down game, featuring hand-crafted graphics and unique gameplay. As a frantic sheep herder, try to lead your flock as far as you can without leaving any behind and become the true Super Sheep Herder. Tap the screen and your sheep will run the other way. Sounds easy? Think again as you juggle the task of keeping your flock together while steering them clear of hazards along the way.”

Gaspar’s Ghost Panic from The Airship Abstraction

“Become a brave Teleport Master and conquer the arcade challenges of the Ghost Panic Arena. Tap the arena as panels materialize to charge up and teleport to them. Flip them over and gain points while dodging ghost magic vortexes, fireballs, lightning storms, and blades of wind. Successfully link your teleports panel to panel to rack up big bonus points. Dodge ghost attacks at the last second to gain even bigger bonuses! “

Just Jump! from Nickprio

“Just a simple game where you have to jump between land and sky!”

Old Man’s Journey from Broken Rules

“Old Man’s Journey is a soul-searching puzzle adventure game about life’s precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans. Entrenched in a beautifully sunkissed and handcrafted world, embark on a heartfelt journey interwoven with lighthearted and pressure-free puzzle solving.”

Killer Dog from Riba+

“Have you ever wanted to play a game, in which the main hero is a brave and tough dog? If so, Killer Dog is a perfect game for man like you, especially if you like 16 bit games! It is an action platformer with nice pixel-art graphics. Hector is an ordinary dog who has to go through extraordinary adventures! Help him overcome all difficulties and save his friends.”

Dogotchi: Virtual Pet from Mawges

“Dogotchi is the next game of our retro-style simulation series started by Wildagotchi. This time you take care of and play with 12 adorable dogs. The more you take care of your puppy, the happier it is. And happy pet means pet growing fast. Take your time, feed it, clean it and play with it – all depends on you now!”

Climb the Wall: Trump Edition from Klemen Gantar

“In light of current geopolitical situation a mobile game emerges to test, once and for all, whether or not Trump’s wall can save USA. Can you climb the great wall? Ascend ladders and ropes while avoiding birds, collect rewards, and most importantly try not to fall and reach great heights.”

Transphere from SWC Designs

“Transphere is a physics-based puzzle game where you control a sphere which can transform between different materials to solve puzzles to complete various stages. “

Up! from UGligovic

“Addictive and simple. Train your reflexes, kill time and have fun. -HOW TO PLAY- Swipe in the direction indicated by the text in the gray circle before the green ring becomes complete.”

Run Mad Run from Blackred LLC

— This is a true story.
— Realistic change of day and night.
— Gameplay at your fingertips.
— Great 8-bit music.
— It’s very easy to play, even if you have a topographical cretinism.”

Space Rush Shooter from Econ Dude

“Classic space arcade shooter “Space Rush” is a game in old traditions of space games. This time we offering a bit more than linear space shooting game-play:
– RPG system with 12 skills, 6 items and 6 ship types
– 15+ enemies
– 3 bosses
– Death is permanent. One life.
– Simple trade system
– Crew system”

Cosmic Cry (Beta) from McPeppergames

“Cosmic Cry is the epic tower defense f2p game for strategy players, fans of Tower Defense TD battle genre and all friends of science fiction and powerful free2play action games! PLEASE NOTE: In this early access Open BETA version you only can play the first tutorial levels!”

Anybody Out There: Dead City from Headup Games

“Anybody Out There: Dead City is a game in which you emerge completely in an incredibly captivating real-time adventure. Your choice of response will determine the fate of a complete stranger and decide over life and death. He – or she – is reaching out for your help as the last straw. The only thing at your disposal: Your phone and the messenger application. And your wits and empathy.”

Chroma Squad from Behold Studios

“Chroma Squad is a tactical RPG about five stunt actors who decide to quit their jobs and start their own Power Rangers-inspired TV show! Cast actors, purchase equipment and upgrades for your studio, craft weapons and giant Mechas out of cardboard and duct tape. Once the cameras are rolling, you will control your cast of five colored-jumpsuit-clad warriors in dramatic, turn-based battles!”

Know of any new indie Android games we should include in our next round-up? Let us know in the comments below!

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