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RPG Runner Sequel Dash Quest Heroes Sprints Onto Android

Dash Quest Heroes, the sequel to indie developer Tiny Titan Studios’ award winning hybrid RPG Dash Quest, has finally arrived on Android in grand fashion. The original Dash Quest was famous for its Legend Of Zelda inspired design and its followup takes that concept even further with a much bigger focus on story, tons more loot, and all new gameplay mechanics. As players dash forward through a charming retro themed world that would fit right in with 16-bit era RPGs like A Link To The Past they’ll have to hack ‘n slash their way through an army of evil monsters that are plaguing the land at the behest of a dastardly overfiend named Zaru.


While ostensibly a runner Dash Quest Heroes packs in a lot more variety than you’d expect out of the genre due to its varied but accessible combat system and heavy degree of customization that allows adventurers to choose from 4 different playable classes this time around. Crazy boss battles will put players to the test as they duke it out with monstrous masterminds eager to bring their heroic pursuits to a halt like the goblin queen and ancient dragon. There’s even extra minigames like archery and fishing should players want to take a break from all the action. If you’re a fan of on the go RPGs be sure to check out Dash Quest Heroes.

Dash Quest Heroes
Dash Quest Heroes
Price: Free+

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