Top 10 Youtube Gaming Influencers

Gamer influencers are getting more hits as video games flood the entertainment business. YouTube gamers have millions of views. Since e-sports became professional sports in 1997, millions of people have been watching them on any platform possible.

As 2022 progresses, we have gathered the top 10 favorite gaming influencers on YouTube.


PewDiePie is YouTube's most famous gamer recognized for his gameplay commentary. He left Chalmers University in Sweden to start a hot dog company and YouTube channel. 111 million people follow him. His let's play videos are still popular, but he films other amusing content.


An American, Honolulu-born Mark Fischbach also decided to drop out of college, which was one of the best decisions in his life. Now, he’s a gaming influencer with nearly 33 million YouTube followers. He’s fond of horrors. He always puts a comical twist on his videos, so don't be afraid. A joke or critical remark is always around.


Seán William McLoughlin is recognized for his engaging let’s play videos. His channel provides extensive video evaluations of almost every game from nearly every genre. People love him and his work, resulting in almost 30 million followers. His Twitch is also active with 500k+ followers.


Welcome a lady aboard! This fair maiden is keen on the Call of Duty series. Alia Marie Shelesh, a prominent YouTuber, proves video games aren't only for boys. Her vlogs include cooking, relationships, and FPS gaming. This YouTuber's distinctive and amusing demeanor made her quite popular.


Tom Cassell's game walkthroughs on YouTube and Twitch have won him a huge following. His admirers like his films and instructions on how to proceed in games. Tom was the first Twitch broadcaster with a million followers. Syndicate provided Loki's voice for Marvel Avengers Academy's mobile game, making him a gaming celebrity.


Evan Fong became a YouTube gaming sensation after leaving Penn. His short films and game comments earned Shorty Award nominations. This Canadian Internet celebrity is a video game superstar. His engaging videos, challenges, and multiplayer gaming alliances inspire many gamers.

The Game Theorists

MatPat's movies try to unveil the secrets of fans' favorite video games. The channel's "nerdy thoughts" on science, technology, history, and gaming stories have a significant viewership: Does Minecraft's potential seem endless? Why is Fortnite so popular? Can violent video games cause any harm?


Jelle Van Vucht, a Dutch YouTuber, labels himself "child-friendly" because of his comedy and use of emojis. His Fortnite videos originally gained him a following, but his Among Us reflexes and techniques are gaining more attention. GTA5Videos is a YouTube channel managed by the player himself. Jelle owns many businesses on 'Jelly Store,' including his own product line.


Daniel Middleton was one of 2017's highest-paid YouTubers. Dan began reviewing Minecraft in 2012. British pro-gamer, author, and influencer reviews games and appears on TV. He's been invited as a star guest to various Insomnia Gaming festivals.


A Minecraft player known for her "Minecraft Diaries," Jess Bravura, has just joined the ranks of Among Us enthusiasts. Stories based on her inventive and often comically odd circumstances are distinctive and fascinating. It's not uncommon for her to post updates on her family and personal life as a mom to her tens of thousands of Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook followers.